High-quality hospital shadowless operation lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)

Medical Equipment LED Operating Lamp For Hospital(THR-SY02-LED3+5)Product DescriptionDescriptionsSY02-LED series leading-edge lighting technologySY02-LED combines these characteristics. The result: unparalleled performance. •PreciseUniform,homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures thanks to SY02-LED\'

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Medical Equipment LED Operating Lamp For Hospital(THR-SY02-LED3+5)

High Quality Hospital Shadowless Operating Lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)

Product Description

SY02-LED series leading-edge lighting technology

SY02-LED combines these characteristics. The result: unparalleled performance.



Uniform,homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures thanks to SY02-LED's innovative shadow control.


Our ergonomic,sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team.

• Durable

Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers trmendous product reliability and investment protection.


Environmentally proactive:low power csyonsumption and durable LEDs minimize the impact on our precious resources.

High Quality Hospital Shadowless Operating Lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)


THR-SY02-LED3+5 harnessed the far-reaching potential of the multi-lens matrix to virtually eliminate shadows. The SY02-LED series'soverlapping fields of light and multiple patterns - selectable based on the surgical situation - minimize shadows

and redirect the full selected intensity to the surgical site.

High Quality Hospital Shadowless Operating Lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)


One of the innovative characteristics of SY02-LED series: the sterile control concept enables the surgical team to operate

all important functions intuitively, quickly and simply - either on the light heads or via a wall control panel.

On and off-switch

Dimming with integrated Endo mode

Shadow management


With its open design and superior ventilated ceiling tolerance, SY02-LED ensures that perfect operating conditions

are created and hygienic requirements are fulfilled. The airflow surface under the ventilated ceiling is minimized and

the reduced heat generation ensures a low turbulence displacement stream under the light head.
High Quality Hospital Shadowless Operating Lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)


• Long life lighting Long life lighting

LED light source life of up to 30,000 hours or more, with an average life of an ordinary light shadowlesslamp halogen 30 times, and each LED can be individually replaced, to ensure maximum use of economy.
High Quality Hospital Shadowless Operating Lamp (THR-SY02-LED3+5)


  • Perfect Cold Light Effect 

LED light source does not produce infrared, the temperature rise above surgeon's head is less than 2°C, meanwhile very low temperature rise above the operation field avoids the patients' fluid loss. Thus solve the problem of ussatisfactory wound healing because of higher temperature rise produced by ordinary operating lamp

   •Color Temperature Adjustment Technology

LED operating lamp is composed of 4 kinds of colored LED lens,the color temperature can be adjusted from 3500K to 5000K to meet surgeon's different color temperature custom.

Color temperature can be adjusted according to blood supply of operation field to reach ideal contrast ratio of human tissue, so that surgeons can distinguish different body tissue optimally.

Furthermore, the surgeon will feel tired during long time operation and night operation. Study shows it can raise surgeon's attention and avoid asthenopia by increasing the color temperature step by step during the operation.

  Camera Technical Data
Camera Shooting distance:0.8~2m
Double ratio22double
Video frequency export1.0Vp-p75Ω
Vidicon power supply12VDC±10%


LED3+5 Technical Data
IlluminanceLED3 ≥100,000Lux , LED5≥140,000Lux
Color temperature:3500±200K , 4000±200K , 4500±200K, 5000±200K
Color reduction index:96
Total irradiance:510W/m²
Spot diameter:200~350mm
Illuminance depth:1020mm/1150mm
lamp head diameter:700mm/800mm
Rated power of bulb:3.2v/1w
LED Service life of illuminant:


Lowest height of installation:


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