Fluorescence analyzer/fluorescence spectrophotometer/analyzer

Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis InstrumentProduct Description:     F98 fluorescence spectrophotometer is a new generation of high-performance molecular luminescence analysis equipment. This product is designed for high performance, with high signal to noise ratio, ultra-high

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Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

Product Description:

     F98 fluorescence spectrophotometer is a new generation of high-performance molecular luminescence analysis equipment. This product is designed for high performance, with high signal to noise ratio, ultra-high scanning speed, ultra-high resolution, ultra-high wavelength accuracy and a variety of accessories. This instrument easily meets the requirements in material research, drug analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality control, food safety testing and other areas of qualitative and quantitative analysis and scientific research. Quantum yield accessory is available for F98 fluorescence spectrophotometer.

1,Horizontal slit optical design, with excellent luminous detection efficiency and high signal to noise ratio. Water Raman peak SNR better than 350: 1 (P-P) or 1000: 1 (RMS). The minimum sample volume is 0.5mL when using a standard 10mm square sample cell.
Wavelength scanning speed up to 60000 nm / min.
3,Bandwidth 1/2/5/10/20nm adjustable.
Fluorescence Quantum Yield accessory available.
5,The software offers fluorescence 3D scanning, equal-wavelength difference synchronous scanning, equal wave number difference (constant energy difference) synchronous scanning functions. (synchronous scanning function require pro version software.
Multi accessories available.
Using Hamamatsu's high quality Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors and instruments to provide sufficient light intensity signal and the detection sensitivity.
Built-in frequency filter. Built-in optical gate, designed for unstable sample.

Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

Technical Parameters:

Excitation Source150W xenon lamp(Hamamatsu)
Excitation Wavelength200nm~900nm
Emission Wavelength200nm~900nm
Excitation Slit1nm/2nm/5nm/10nm/20nm
Emission Slit1nm/2nm/5nm/10nm/20nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.4nm
Wavelength Repeatability≤0.2nm
Signal-to-Noise RatioS/N≥350(P-P)  S/N≥1000(RMS)
Limit≤5×10-11 g/ml(Quinine Sulfate Solution)
Peak Repeatability≤1.5%
Wavelength Scan SpeedMulti-speed Level, Maximum at 60000nm/min
Minimum sample size0.5mL (Using a standard 10mm square sample cell)
Octave filterBuild in Octave filter
Photometric Quantity Range-9999 ~ 9999
Response Time0.02/0.1/0.5/1/2/4/8 s,Auto adjust
Data TransportationUSB2.0
Power SourceAC 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Instrument Dimension610×460×365(mm)
WeightNet Weight:21kg  Gross Weight:26kg

Optional Accessories:
Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument
Application Areas:

  There are two ways to measure the quantum yield of a sample: relative and absolute. The relative method is the method of calculating the fluorescence intensity of the sample with the intensity of the known standard fluorescent substance. The absolute method is a method for directly calculating the spectral value of the fluorescent substance obtained by integrating the sphere. F98 Fluorescence Quantum Yield Attachment is an absolute measurement method using an integrating sphere.
    This component uses the integrating sphere with a diameter of 100mm to collect excitation light and emitted light in all directions of the sample surface. After the integrating sphere is homogenized, the light comes out of the integrating sphere and enters the monochromator. The light is finally detected by the PMT.

Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

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Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

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Fluorescence Analyzer/Fluorescence Spectrophotometer/Analysis Instrument

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