a-Ultrasonic sensor measures the thickness of the eye hospital

A-ultrasound Sensor Measuring Thickness in Hospital for Ophthalmology Specification: structural materialperformance index(under water) piezoelectric ceramicssizeФ4.8×0.2 mmFrequency10MHz±10%materialPZT-5relative bandwidth>50%capacitance500pf ±10%pulse width< 400ns  sensiti

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A-ultrasound Sensor Measuring Thickness in Hospital for Ophthalmology 

a-Ultrasound Sensor Measuring Thickness in Hospital for Ophthalmology
a-Ultrasound Sensor Measuring Thickness in Hospital for Ophthalmology



structural materialperformance index(under water)
 piezoelectric ceramicssizeФ4.8×0.2 mmFrequency10MHz±10%
materialPZT-5relative bandwidth>50%
capacitance500pf ±10%pulse width< 400ns
  sensitivity> -35dB
cableФ3mm Double core shielded cable
housingShapeФ9×75 mm
The front and eye contact part material5010A/5010B  
Epoxy encapsulating material

Working Principle:



The ultrasound A-scan works by projecting a sound wave through the eye and then measuring reflections. A reflection happens at the junction of two different densities, such as the interface between the posterior lens capsule and the vitreous. These echoes are shown as tall spikes of a high amplitude on the display, hence the name amplitude-scan, which is often abbreviated as A-scan.


A-scan ultrasound is used to take measurements for artificial lenses for cataract surgery.  This quick and painless procedure can be performed in your doctor's office.

Technology parameters :                                                                    
Model 5M7.5M10M13M
Working frequency5MHz7.5MHz10MHz13MHz
Relative bandwidth>50%>50%>60%>60%
relative sensitivity>-24dB>-30dB>-35dB>-42dB
Echo pulse width<0.7μs<0.55μs<0.4μs<0.35μs
Main useFor pets, livestock measuring fatFor pets, livestock measuring fatFor measuring distance in ophthalmologyFor measuring thickness in ophthalmology


The sensor used for measuring thickness of fat of Pet or livestock, and measuring distance or measuring thickness in ophthalmology.

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