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2022-12-23 20:44:04 By : Ms. Wendy Weng

Quad-X, a European ATV equipment manufacturer based in Ireland, will showcase its machinery at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, Feb. 14-16. The manufacturer offers over 140 ATV and UTV attachments made to ease jobs around the farm, yard or garden. Quad-X is looking for suitable dealers and distribution partners in the U.S. with the resources and drive to represent its extensive range of quad and side-by-side machinery.

Quad-X is renowned for its range of weed control attachments that are ideal for use in awkward areas, wet ground or areas difficult to access with a tractor. The manufacturer is a pioneer in weed wiping technology and offers multiple weed wipers suitable to use with any quad, UTV or 4x4. Rather than spraying chemicals from a boom, the weed wiper has rollers which ‘wipe’ the weeds with herbicide, leaving the grass and surrounding area untouched. With no off spray/drift, the process is environmentally friendly, and the amount of chemicals used is reduced.   Farm Machinery

Quad-X offers a wide range of sprayers and spray booms that can fit on any ATV rear rack. For UTVs, Quad-X offers a special frame on skids that can be easily placed in the cargo bed, so that a variety of tanks and booms can be used.

Based in the Emerald Isle of Ireland, which is well known for its abundant rainfall and green landscape, Quad-X is well placed to design, test and manufacture its wide range of ATV mowers. The quad mowers models include the Compact Rotary, Wildcut, Flail, Pro Flail, Power Shredder and Strimit. Each model is designed for a wide range of mowing tasks such as lawn cutting, topping paddocks and shredding dense vegetation. The Strimit is a towed strimmer, which is ideal for cutting around posts, under fences and along pathways and verges. 

Trailers are commonly used ATV attachments. Quad-X offers a wide range of stock trailers, plastic and steel tipping trailers and bale transporters. The manufacturer’s unique Dump Trailer has become a favorite among landscapers, farmers and ground care professionals that need a commercial spec trailer with a capacity up to one ton. With options for manual, hydraulic or electric hydraulic tip, the trailer is equally at home behind a large ATV, UTV or compact tractor.

Quad-X manufactures a range of fertilizer sowers, electro broadcasters and salt spreaders that can fit on any ATV or UTV. It also offers a range of stock feeders and muck spreaders. A special range of front mount equipment includes yard scrapers, sweepers, snowplows and front buckets. Quad-X leveling equipment includes a range of arena levelers for equestrian customers, rollers and chain harrows. 

With an ever-expanding range of machinery, Quad-X offers many products to help customers get more from out of their quad or UTV.  Find out more about the manufacturer at its stand at the World Ag Expo in Pavilion A 1325.

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