Revolugen and Tecan sign deal for manufacture and supply of filter plates

2023-04-12 06:40:37 By : Mr. Jonsen Zhang

The automated DNA extraction workflow is expedited and simplified by the 96-well plates.

UK genomics company RevoluGen has signed an agreement with Tecan for the latter’s 96-well filter plates to be used in DNA extraction kits. Ffpe Rna Extraction

Revolugen and Tecan sign deal for manufacture and supply of filter plates

Under the deal terms, Tecan will manufacture and supply its 96-well filter plates for use in RevoluGen’s Fire Monkey high molecular weight (HMW)-DNA extraction kits, which are said to be ideal for scalable DNA sequencing.

Tecan’s specialised plates use Fire Monkey extraction technology and are optimised for use on the company’s Resolvex A200 positive pressure automation robot.

RevoluGen stated that using these plates for automated DNA extraction expedites and simplifies the workflow that is required for high throughput of short and long-read DNA sequencing applications.

It also noted that the deal marks the final step before the commercial launch of the Fire Monkey HMW-DNA extraction kit’s automated version for high sample number applications.

The kits are expected to be available from early next year.

RevoluGen chief scientific officer and Fire Monkey technology inventor Dr Georgios Patsos said: “With traditional manual protocols only a handful of biological samples can be processed in parallel. 

“This is a significant issue for the multiplexed sequencing runs routinely used in areas such as antimicrobial resistance surveillance.

“Our validated Fire Monkey process for automated HMW-DNA extraction will further lower the overall cost of multiplexed sequencing and accelerate the uptake of sequencing in many high-volume dependent applications.”

Initially, RevoluGen and Tecan collaborated in 2020 to validate an automated DNA extraction workflow, which is said to be the first step in the DNA sequencing workflow.

Derived from a spin column-based protocol to extract HMW-DNA, RevoluGen’s Fire Monkey DNA extraction technology uses high gravity force but does not break the long and fragile DNA molecules as much as the standard spin column technologies.

Revolugen and Tecan sign deal for manufacture and supply of filter plates

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